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11 Interesting Facts About Human Attraction


One question bothering almost every man of average looks is that, “does looks really matter?” Oh well, in certain ways, it does.

In fact, the beauty and cosmetics industry is cashing in $200 billion annually for men and women who seek different services and products. These products include weight loss supplements, programs, etc., cosmetics, skin and hair products, perfumes and more. That’s a big income – all for becoming or staying attractive.

But more often than not, attraction involves more than just a pretty face. Here are some interesting facts about attraction.

1) You are more attracted to familiar faces


In an explanation called “sexual imprinting,” researchers uncover the nature of men’s attraction. The research proves that men are easily attracted to women who look similar or familiar to them since young. This means that men are likely to become attracted to women who look like their mothers, sisters and/or aunts. This is also why those who were born to older mothers are more attracted to older females, while those born to younger mothers tend to seek younger partners.

2) You find others more attractive when you’ve consumed alcohol


Do people look more attractive when you’ve consumed some alcohol? This is called the “Beer Goggles” phenomenon, which is supported by a study done by St. Andrews and Glasgow Universities. The study suggests that “men and women who have consumed a moderate amount of alcohol find the faces of members of the opposite sex 25% more attractive than their sober counterparts.”

So, the best way to look attractive is to find a man influenced by alcohol and ask him to look at you.

3) Beards make you more attractive


Beards do help in making you look more attractive. Many women perceive men with beards to have “the biological and social qualities that would enhance their value as husbands.” Furthermore, men with beards are “more potent and more active, suggesting virility as well as physical attractiveness.” Will you grow a beard to attract a partner?

4) Women are concerned about your height


Men, pay attention to your height, it matters to women. Online dating sites observed that women are concerned about their potential partner’s height. On the other hand, men are concerned with their potential date’s weight.

5) More masculine men have higher divorce rates


It is normal for more masculine men to be perceived as more aggressive. Studies show that men who are more physically masculine or better-built have higher-than-average possibility of getting divorced.

6) Women find masculine-looking men more attractive


Masculine-looking men are more likely to appear more attractive to women when they are in the fertile stage of their menstrual cycle, according to multiple studies on human attraction and sexual drive. However, men with softer features in terms of social behavior hold an advantage over women in most days.

7) Men are more attractive than younger ones


Researchers explain that women are more attracted to older men as compared to younger ones. This is because older men have more resources and have more potential of fathering children. In short, men should never worry about getting old.

8) Younger females are more attractive than older women


It is almost a universal fact that younger women are more attractive to men than their older counterparts. Most cultures agree with this. This is due to men’s biological need to propagate and younger women have better potential to bear children.

9) Looks come first (according to this study)


According to a study conducted by Dr. David Buss’ study, looks almost always come first when it comes to men’s criterion of finding a mate. The study was conducted on ten thousand subjects across 37 countries.

10) Beauty bias: better looking equals getting paid better


More attractive people have greater chances of ending up with better-paying jobs. This scenario is referred to as a “beauty bias.”

11) Attractive male professors get higher ratings from student


In Ariel, Israel, a study was conducted on the effects of sex differences to the faculty’s ratings. The study conducted by Ya’arit Bokek-Cohen and Nida Davidowitz of the University of Samaria, revealed that good-looking male professors received higher performance ratings from female students than the average-looking men. The same is true when the result is compared to the professor’s actual performance. However, attractive female professors did not receive the same advantage from male students.

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