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10 Worst Wives Who Will Make Your Life A Living Hell


Arguments are almost natural in every relationship. They exist because couples can have opinions and ideas, which may differ from each other. However, regardless of the level of any heated argument, physical violence must be avoided. In conventional perceptions, men almost always have the tendency for violence. However, there are times when women can also cross the line and physically hurt their partners.

Here are 10 worst wives in recorded history that no man would want to have.

Killed husband and served for dinner


You wouldn’t want to be a dinner guest in this couple’s house. Katherine Knight stabbed her husband, John Charles Thomas Price 37 times using a butcher’s knife, cooked some of his flesh with vegetables and gravy to serve to Price’s own children. Luckily, the police came first and found the dish made from Price’s flesh before the children arrived home.

Killed husband and framed daughter


Stacey Castor killed her husband, David Castor but made it appear like he committed suicide. However, when the police got suspicious, Stacey set up her own daughter, Ashley to be blamed for the crime. The young Castor was hospitalized after overdosing on prescription pills and vodka with a note saying that she killed her father and stepfather. However, Ashley survived and testified against her mother.

Emperor’s wife and her lover’s deadly relationship goals


Valeria Messalina married Emperor Claudius in AD38 to become his third wife. She cheated on her husband and asked her lover, Sillius, to kill the emperor. Valeria also had a secret marriage with Sillius. Fortunately, Claudius’ adviser, Narcissus exposed the plot against the emperor leading to the arrest of Valeria and Sillius.

Bit her husband’s penis off


Katya Kharitovonova faced two years in jail for biting her husband’s penis off. Katya personally found her husband Mikhail and her bestfriend, Liza Dmitriyeva having sexual intercourse. She immediately attacked Liza with a floor lamp on the head and bit her husband’s manhood off. Liza suffered a concussion while Mikhail’s “down-under” had to be stitched back together.

Cheated on husband after receiving his kidney


Dr. Richard Batista married his wife, Dawnell in 1990. He offered his kidney when his wife’s previous transplants failed. But Dawnell repaid Richard by sleeping with her physical therapist and filing for a divorce. Richard demanded his wife to pay $1.5million for the kidney he donated.

Accidentally hanged husband to death


Crystal Boarder accidentally killed her husband, Tony when she hanged him during a sex game. Tony was hanging for about 15 minutes when he asked Crystal to lower him down before he lost his consciousness and died. Turns out, Tony once killed a 19-year old woman in a sex game as well, which makes one think the incident was just karma biting Tony in the butt.

Killed four of her five husbands


Betty Neumar, a 76-year old woman from Georgia, was put in jail because of allegedly killing four of her previous husbands. Records showed Neumar has been collecting life insurance benefits after the deaths of the people around her. Authorities are now investigating the deaths of all of her four deceased husbands after some questionable facts.

Woman chooses crocodile over her husband


Vicki Long divorced her husband, Greg after he asked her to give up Johnie, her crocodile pet for 13 years. Vicki decided to keep Johnie and kicked her husband out instead because according to her, “husbands can look after themselves but my crocodile can’t make his meals.”

Divorced her husband after he tried to lift her veil


A Saudi woman became outraged after her husband for 30 years tried to lift her veil while she was sleeping. The woman strictly followed the tradition in her native village of keeping her veil on at all times. The husband apologized but she insisted a divorce.

Attacked husband with frozen lasagna


Instead of serving for lasagna dinner, Amanda Trott used the frozen good as a tool for hurting her husband. Amanda slapped her husband’s face several times with the frozen lasagna and threw it on his head.

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