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10 Unbelievable And Inspiring Stories About Persistence

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People can do so many amazing things if they want to do so and inspiring stories can even motivate them more. With just enough motivation and persistence, the people will overcome obstacles, do the impossible and even surmount things that no one can comprehend a person can do. With these stories, you will know, that all of us are capable. Anyone can do the unbelievable, you just have to believe.


1) Man Works 30 Years to Turn Sandbar into Lush Forest

Unbelievable Stories 1This man’s dedication to mother nature knows no bounds. He certainly gave his life for turning this area into the picture from a lonely sandbar to the stunning lush forest in the picture. There are a lot of forests humans quickly destroy, but this man is spending his life to creating what everyone wishes to destroy.

2) Dr. Cracks Own Knuckle 36,500 Times

Unbelievable Stories 2Imagine the effort and perseverance Dr. Cracks gave to win such record; this guy loves winning don’t you think?

3) Postman Builds Palace Over 33 Years Using Tiny Stones

This majestic beauty was created for 33 years, but it seems very worth it. Just by looking at this palace you can easily say, he’s one hell of a postman.

4) Man MakesUnbelievable Stories 3

5) Longest Gum Wrapper Chain

Unbelievable Stories 4That’s sure a lot of gum wrappers to create such chain, maybe every time a kid buys gum, he asks the wrapper.

6) Man Collects Belly Button Lint for 26 Years as a Scientist Studies His Own for 3

Unbelievable Stories 5For the sake of science, this guy did the impossible thing. Well, lets give credit to him, because it’s not easy to collect belly button and to do it for 26 years, that’s some patience!

7) Grandmother Passes Driver’s License Test after 960 Attempts

Unbelievable Stories 6Certainly, the saying tries and try the core of her motivation in getting her licence after 960 times. It was hard to this lady for sure, but she didn’t give up on her dream of riding her car without asking assistance. But she might have a little time to enjoy it because she’s getting old.

8) One Armed Woman, One Legged Man Practice Dance for One Year

Unbelievable Stories 7

The dedication to their craft is boundless that’s for sure. They’ve managed to do something impossible even in the midst of their physical inhibitions. But to receive the applause from their audience made all their hardships worthwhile.

9) Deaf and Blind Helen Keller Learns to Communicate, Goes to College

Unbelievable Stories 8

Ms. Helen Keller is surely an inspiration to all who have disabilities. And to think that she is blind and deaf at the same time is something unfortunate. But with her dedication and perseverance, she was able to achieve her dreams and go beyond what her disabilities is prohibiting her.

10) Woman Wears Corset Every Day for 4 Years

Unbelievable Stories 9

The area of forms of being dedicated to something and this woman chose to be devoted to dressing in a corset.

11) Cat Steals 600 Items Over 3 Years

Unbelievable Stories 10

Well, we can’t blame the cat. It’s a hard life after all.

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