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10 Things Men Should Never Tell A Woman On The First Date


Are you set for your first date? If it’s been a while since your last date and it was a disaster, you might have said or done something that offended your date.

Here are some of the things you should never tell or ask a women on the first date.


10) “What a weird choice of hair color.”


Her hair color is her choice, no matter how quirky or unflattering you might think it is. These days, the trend among women is bright, out-of-this-world hair color, all thanks to celebrities who have set the said trend. You might not like the trend but it’s what makes her feel beautiful and criticizing that is nothing short of disrespectful.


9) “You’d look prettier if you smile.”


One potentially disastrous thing you can do is to tell a woman to smile. Instead of telling her that, why don’t you do or say something that paints a beautiful smile on her face instead? If she refuses to, then it’s none of your business. Maybe she’s just not a “smiley” woman. Another tip: Never tell her she’ll look prettier if she smiles – you might end up dateless in the middle of a couple-filled restaurant.


8) “Hey sweetheart. Hello, darling.”


Just cause she agreed to go out with you, doesn’t mean you can address her like a five-year-old. “Sweetheart” or “darling” maybe a term of endearment but you might want to save it for later on in the relationship. Plus, it’s a little condescending to call her that on the first date.


7) Wolf-Whistling


In most cases, wolf-whistling to a woman can be interpreted as a sexual advance. This is a big “NO” especially on your first date. Most women are likely to feel offended when you wolf-whistle to call their attention – they’re not dogs!


6) “I want to father your children.”


Telling a woman you want to “father her children” on the first date might sound like a compliment or an impressive thing to do but it actually isn’t. Not all women want to be mothers and saying you want to “father her children” would be assuming you know exactly what she wants in the future.


5) “Have you ever considered getting a makeover?”


This is the worst ever in the list. Asking a woman if she ever considered getting a makeover attacks her physical appearance — the woman she’s been looking at in the mirror her entire life. It’s basically saying you’re unimpressed by her physical appearance and that will never get you a second date.


4) “Are your breasts real?”


Asking a woman whether or not her breasts are real warns her that you’re a superficial person. Her breasts are none of your business. Whether they are real or fake, they give her the confidence she needs every day. If you really want to get the most out of that date, just enjoy her company and never mind her physical features.


3) “Are you going to wear that or do you want to change?”


It’s 2016 and women can wear whatever they want regardless of what other people might think. The way a woman dresses is her form of self-expression and if you try to change that, you’re basically just trying to control her, which is unimpressive.


2) “I have never dated a girl who was (insert race) before. It’s exciting.“


Every date should be exciting because it is a chance to know the other person better. But telling her the date is more exciting just because she’s from another race and culture is nothing can be offensive. It’s basically saying you already have expectations of her because of her race. It is fine if you haven’t dated someone outside of your culture, just don’t race affect the way you see a person.


1) “She is going to drink the white wine and start off with a salad.”


When the waiter comes, don’t just assume she’s going to eat a salad cause “that’s what girls do”. Don’t make her meal decisions for her or you might come off as a possessive or controlling man. Ask her what she wants to eat and make no comments about it! No woman will ever be attracted to a possessive man – they’re the most unbearable men to be with.

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