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10 Great Drugs I Wish Were Real

Great Drugs click

Nothing is impossible nowadays, as they say. What appears to be unreal can become unreal. Reality can bend itself to let those who want to experience a surreal occurrence in their lives. These are some of the magical pills that anyone can take to go and explore the bent part between what’s real and not real. With these drugs, your wishes will become real in an instant.


1) CG3

Great Drugs 1This white pill isn’t white of its effects at all. It makes even the worst computer generated characters and effects look entirely convincing.


2) Mustard

Great Drugs 2Are you a fan of riding roller coasters? It might just be a little extra for you, makes rollercoaster drops feel 20% higher. It could be worth a try.


3) Strut

Great Drugs 3Within this syringe is the ability to trick anyone of instantly changing your voice. It turns everyone’s voice into a rhythmic, sample based beat that you slightly bob your head to and say, “that’s pretty good.”


4) Dollr

Great Drugs 4You want to be as rich as you want to be, you can’t be but to feel the power to be rich is possible. It makes you feel like you have a lot of money, more than you can think you can have!


5) Ice Cream

Great Drugs 5Just like the ice creams, this one right here relaxes and gives you satisfaction.  It gives you a feeling like a pretty cool body buzz and a smooth come down.


6) Rainmaker (aka Maker)

Great Drugs 6Are you tired of feeling the summer heat? This baby right here can make you feel and smell rain just by trying it out. With this, you will feel rain whenever, wherever!


7) NumNum

Great Drugs 7

Makes y0u 5trait u9 5ee num3ers 1n w0rds.


8) Drake

Great Drugs 8

We all know Drake and how he can be, if you’re his fan, then you could perhaps have a chance to be just like him with these. Makes you Drake not entirely but almost set with the feeling.


9) Lunch

Great Drugs 9

Having a hard time in your diet? If you’re serious enough, these might be the help you need! Makes everything you eat from a pot roast to a bowl of cereal feel like you’re eating lunch.


10) Telé

Great Drugs 10

Could be a click to students who wants to divert their attention from watching TV. Makes you feel like you’re watching TV while you’re studying.


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