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5 Fit Women Who Could Put Your Weight-Lifting Game To Shame

These super fit women could kick your ass any day.

Feeling stuck in a rut lately? We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just want to stay at home all day and catch up on Fantasy Football or have a good “Netflix and Chill” session with your girl, and there’s no shame in that.

But progress doesn’t come with sitting on your glutes all day. Take it from these kick-ass women who lift weights and eat right day in, day out.

May their fitness inspire you:

1. Erin Taylor

Up four pounds this month from my bulk! I’m excited to see what the next couple of months brings👏🏼😅

A post shared by Erin Taylor (@eptaylo_fit) on

She’s a registered nurse and a dedicated weight-lifter. Talk about commitment!

2. Shaunna Marie

Talk about squatting the right way! Shaunna is a National NPC Bikini Athlete and fitness coach, too.

3. Cara Davis

If she went to your gym, you would never skip leg day.

4. Alexandra Elzein

Damn, girl!

So, are you inspired to work out yet?

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