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10 Beaches To Visit If You Want A Sexy Time


Summer or not summer, the beach is a sexy place to spend time by yourself or with a hot new date.

The crystal clear waters, gorgeous white sands, beautiful landscape, and a sun-kissed experience are just some of the reasons why people love the beach. For men, another special reason to hit the sands are the women in bikinis.

In this list, we have taken note of the 10 sexiest beaches you need to visit in your lifetime.

10) Grand Plage, France


This is where professional surfers meet each year for a swimsuit competition. But it does not mean you only have to visit during the competition period to watch those hot bodies playing in the waves. Grand Plage is a surfing hot spot, too so you’re kind of hitting two birds with one stone.


9) Ibiza, Spain


Hollywood A-listers love Ibiza – it’s a haven of crystal, blue waters, beautiful beaches and clubs on every corner where the party never stops. The best time to visit Ibiza is during July and August.


8) Manly Beach, Australia


The place totally lives up to its name. Beach bodies that are hotter-than-usual are rocking the waves at Manly Beach. It is a popular place for surfers and high-class vacationers — an advantage over other gorgeous beaches lining in the coasts of Australia.


7) Paradise Beach, St. John, US Virgin Islands


Paradise Beach earned its name because of its breath-taking stretch of sand and a sense of privacy for visitors. This secluded stretch of sand is dotted with chikees or thatched huts and is strictly for adults only. This place is perfect for you and your partner.


6) Sandy Beach, Puerto Rico


Sandy Beach is a Puerto Rican hub for surfing. Whether you’re a surfing pro or novice, Sandy Beach is a popular tourist attraction, especially because of the presence of young, attractive women who can surf. The beach is located in Rincon, just about two hours of travel to the west of San Juan.


5) Santorini, Greece


The island of Santorini in Greece is a perfect place to relax and be yourself. Surrounded by white and blue buildings perched on hills, it has crystal clear waters for you to enjoy. The place is also known as a quiet place which makes it good for a getaway with your hot date. Plus, it’s allowed to take off your top along the shore lines, so no tan lines!


4) Smathers Beach, Florida, USA


The Smathers Beach is the unofficial nude beach in Key West, Florida. It’s the best place to indulge yourself in a sun-kissed beach, crystal clear blue water and gorgeous white sand. You might also find some turtles along the shorelines and of course, the incredible sexy bodies of locals and tourists.


3) South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA


South Beach in Miami is the hottest spot in Florida. It is where every single lady is in her bikini. Celebrities and models are everywhere. Buy a plane ticket to South Beach and you might find yourself rubbing elbows with a golden-skinned beauty.


2) Venice Beach, California, USA


Beachgoers aren’t afraid to show you some skin in Venice, Beach. Swimwear has become a normal outfit in Venice, while visitors and locals enjoy fun activities by the shore. Skateboarders, surfers, roller-bladers and beach weightlifters are just some of the interesting things that you will see here.


1) Waikiki Beach, Hawaii


A mix of locals and tourists are everywhere in the beaches of Hawaii. Perhaps one of the most popular beaches in the said tropical state is Waikiki Beach. European girls love to visit Waikiki. If you’re lucky enough to catch some of them here, you’ll never want to leave.

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